100% Fullblood American Kosher Wagyu

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100% Fullblood American Wagyu are bred multiple generations to ensure their genetic makeup is identical to their bloodlines in Japan.

Each and every Wagyu cow that is harvested was concieved from a dam (female) and sire (male) that are registered with the American Wagyu Association as Fullblood Cattle.

Cattle are raised in the open fields of Texas according to the age-old practices followed in Japan for hundreds of years. After the cows are shechted, kashured, and cut into steaks and roasts, they are frozen to ensure freshness and shipped directly to our store in the Five Towns.

Don't know where to begin?
  • Herloom Product

    Holy Wagyu is raised by a network of Texas family ranchers and avoids the industrial supply chain during processing. 

  • From the Farm

    Raised and slaughtered in close proximity then flash frozen, vacuum sealed and shipped directly to the 5 Towns ensuring freshness.

  • Transparency

    An open book on all sourcing and butchering. You'll find no surprises (or surprise steaks) with us. We follow USDA standard naming. 

  • Health Benefits

    Rich with monounsaturated fats, Fullblood Wagyu increases good cholesterol (HDL) and decreases bad cholesterol (LDL).

  • Umami Flavor

    A rich & mouth-watering flavor profile coupled with a buttery texture followed by a sweet hazelnut finish. Kosher meat will never taste the same. 

  • Tenderness

    Although we do sell some of the coolest Japanese knives in town, Fullblood Wagyu is so tender that you won't even have to use your knive. 

Fullblood Kosher Wagyu FAQ

Is this real Wagyu beef?

Yes! Our partner, Holy Wagyu, specializes in the genetic breeding of 100% Fullblood Wagyu via their network of American ranchers who raise their cattle in stress-free environments. Sustained stress leads to low beef quality. 

Much of the Wagyu in today's market are cross breeds that include a percentage of Wagyu ranging from 60% to 90%.

There is no replacement for 100% Fullblood Wagyu. You can taste the difference!

What Kosher certification does Holy Wagyu have?

Holy Wagyu Meats are produced, koshered, packaged and sealed under constant rabbincal supervision of Star-K Kosher Certification. Star-K is currently under direction of Rabbi Moshe Heinemann.

What are so many cuts limited?

We purchase our cows directly from the source on a cow-by-cow basis. There are only so many specialty cuts available from each cow. As an example, there is only 1 Hanger Steak, 8 Flat Irons, and 12 Denvers per cow. 

Purchasing directly from the source allows us to provide our customers with top-quality meat. 

Join our mailing list to be informed as soon as new inventory comes in. 

Frozen meat, huh?

Yes, our meat is frozen at the source and transported directly to our location to ensure freshness. 

Our promise to you is that the quality will speak for itself.

What's the quickest way to defrost?

For a quicker thaw process, while still sealed, place the meat in a bowl of cold water and place that in your fridge. This should cut down the thaw time by about half.

Does Wagyu need seasoning?

The beef itself is super flavorful and extremely marbled. A minimal amount of salt and pepper is needed in order to enjoy the true flavor of this amazing Wagyu. When braising or smoking, feel free to be more aggressive.

Can you help me out with cook time?

Absolutely! Shoot us a text at 646-397-7047 with the cut and method you wish to use and I can guide you through the process.