Kosher Wagyu Birria Style Tacos

Kosher Wagyu Birria Style Tacos
Jonah Chusid
Jonah Chusid


2 cups water

2 cups chicken stock

1 Kosher Wagyu Chuck Tender Roast or Kosher Wagyu Chuck Roast

1 medium size onion (recommend grilling/charring if possible)

1 full garlic head ( cut open, no need to peel)

1 carrot (rough chop)

2 bay leaves

4 chills (Ancho or Guajillo are best. This makes the dish authentic, but can be skipped if not available.)

1 tbsp chili powder

1 tbsp oregano

1/2 tbsp cumin

salt to taste


1) Add water, broth, onion, garlic carrot, bay leaves, chilies, and seasoning to a pot and bring to a boil

2) Sear Kosher Wagyu for 5 minutes on each side to build a nice crust

3) Combine the Kosher Wagyu with the broth mixture in a Lodge dutch oven

4) Braise for 4+ hours until fork tender

5) Rest for 30 minutes

6) Shred beef in pot and mix

7) Heat a pan on low-medium heat

8) Dip tortillas in braising liquid

9) Sear tortillas and add beef with cilantro and onion

10) ENJOY!

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