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Reston Lloyd - Romertopf Modern Series, Clay Bakers

Reston Lloyd - Romertopf Modern Series, Clay Bakers

This Römertopf® comes in two sizes 3 Qt & 4 Qt. Start cooking today, and choose from any kind of meat, fish, or vegetable dish you like. Don’t feel like the Romertopf is only for meat dishes because you will be amazed at how your bread will turn out. The secret is the all-natural clay which is soaked before use. During the cooking process, the moisture is pulled out of the lid to create a blanket of steam which will give you full amazing flavors and fall off the bone results. Each Römertopf comes with instructions and three starter recipes. Dishwasher, microwave oven, and oven safe. Handcrafted in Germany. Contains no lead or cadmium
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