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  • Brisket Kings 101

    Brisket Kings 101

    Welcome back to Beef 101! Today's post is all about the beloved brisket, a favorite cut among barbecue lovers and pitmasters. 

  • Loin 101

    Loin 101

    Today, we'll be venturing into the loin section of the cow, which is known for some of the most tender and sought-after cuts of beef. 
  • Rib 101

    Rib 101

    In this post, we'll discuss seven popular cuts from the rib section, including their unique characteristics and best cooking methods. So, let's dive in..

  • Plate 101

    Plate 101

    In this post, we're delving into the plate section of the cow, which is located below the rib section and consists of some lesser-known yet incredibly delicious cuts. 
  • Chuck 101

    Chuck 101

    The chuck section is situated at the front of the cow, including the upper shoulder, neck, and chest area. It is a well-used muscle group...