Brisket Kings 101

Brisket Kings 101
Jonah Chusid
Jonah Chusid

Welcome back to Beef 101! Today's post is all about the beloved brisket, a favorite cut among barbecue lovers and pitmasters. The brisket comes from the breast or lower chest of the cow, and when cooked correctly, it's known for its deliciously rich flavor and tender texture. In this post, we'll give a nod to some of the brisket legends, including Aaron Franklin, Terry Black, Steven Raichlen, and Izzy Edelman.

  1. Aaron Franklin: Hailing from Austin, Texas, Aaron Franklin is the owner of the renowned Franklin Barbecue. With numerous accolades under his belt, including a James Beard Award, Franklin has become a household name among brisket enthusiasts. His dedication to using quality ingredients and perfecting the art of smoking has earned his brisket rave reviews.

  2. Terry Black: As part of the Black family, Terry Black has barbecue in his blood. Co-owner of Terry Black's Barbecue in Austin, Terry and his brother Michael carry on the family tradition of serving irresistible, slow-smoked brisket. Their commitment to time-tested techniques and attention to detail has made their brisket a must-try for barbecue fans.

  3. Steven Raichlen: A respected author, TV host, and cooking teacher, Steven Raichlen has built a reputation as a grilling and barbecue expert. His deep knowledge of various cooking methods, including smoking brisket, has earned him awards and a dedicated following. Raichlen's passion for barbecue has inspired many home cooks to hone their brisket-making skills.

  4. Izzy Edelman: Known for his expertise in crafting kosher barbecue, Izzy Edelman is a master of brisket. As the proprietor of Izzy's Brooklyn Smokehouse, he has introduced countless diners to the world of kosher smoked brisket, combining traditional Jewish flavors with classic barbecue techniques. Edelman's skill has elevated kosher barbecue and won him a loyal fanbase.

These brisket legends have not only mastered the art of cooking this flavorful cut, but they've also inspired a whole new generation of barbecue enthusiasts. They demonstrate that with patience, dedication, and a deep understanding of the craft, anyone can create a truly unforgettable brisket.

So whether you're an experienced pitmaster or just starting your barbecue journey, let these legends be your guide. Choose a quality brisket, fire up your smoker or grill, and get ready to make your own mouthwatering masterpiece. Happy cooking!

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