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YAKINIKU Binchopan

YAKINIKU Binchopan

You use the binchopan to easily and quickly light your Binchotan. The pan consists of three parts, a lid, a middle part and bottom. You start by filling your center piece with Binchotan. Place the Binchotan pieces upright in the center piece. Then place the bottom with the logo down on a fireproof surface. Place firelighters or another firestarter on the bottom. Then put the center piece on top. After 15-30 minutes the Binchotan will glow and you can fill your grill. To extinguish the Binchotan after use, place the bottom of the pan with the logo upwards on a fireproof surface. Here you place the center piece on top. Then you fill the middle part with the glowing Binchotan and close the oxygen with the lid. By using the bincho pan as a cover pot, you can easily reuse your charcoal for the next grilling session. This allows you to use your fuel more sustainably, plus you reduce CO2 emissions.

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