The Grind

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The Grind is the ultimate collection for lovers of ground meat, offering a diverse range of premium options to suit any recipe or taste. From the luxurious richness of Fullblood Wagyu to the robust flavor of Colorado Lamb, this box is a dream for culinary enthusiasts and home cooks alike.

Included in The Grind:

  • 2x Fullblood Wagyu Ground Beef: Experience the pinnacle of ground beef, with a richness and depth of flavor that elevates any dish.
  • 2x F1 Wagyu Ground Beef: A perfect blend of beefy and rich, offering a luxurious twist to your favorite recipes.
  • 2x Black Angus Ground Beef: Enjoy the classic, hearty flavor of Black Angus, ideal for comforting, everyday meals.
  • 2x Ground Colorado Lamb: Savor the distinct, rich taste of Colorado Lamb, adding a gourmet touch to your culinary creations.

Whether you're crafting burgers, meatballs, or a savory bolognese, "The Grind" provides the perfect foundation with its top-quality ground meats. It's an invitation to explore, experiment, and enjoy the art of cooking with the finest ingredients at your fingertips.

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The Grind

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