What type of carnivore are you?

Not sure how to begin your wagyu journey? Let's first figure out which bucket you fall into.

  • Easy Grilling

    Our Denvers, Flat Irons, Ribeyes, Ribs, Chuck Eyes and Korean Style Ribs are perfect for you all out Wagyu Grilling experience.

  • Chain Smoker

    We carry different cuts of brisket, ribs and other insanely marbled smoking cuts for those who love to get smokey.

  • Dutch Life

    If you're looking to set it and forget it in your dutch oven, then our Wagyu Chuck Roasts, Short Ribs, or Chuck Tender are the move.

  • Ballin Out

    If going big is your game our Cowboy Steaks and Wagyu Tomhawaks are waiting for you. Don't forget to reverse sear em!

  • Lean Machine

    Our Petite Tender and Shoulder steaks represent two of the leaner Wagyu cuts. Don't worry , you're getting that umami flavor.

  • Counting Shekels

    Want a Kosher Wagyu experience at a lower price point? Our Chuck Eyes, Shoulder Steaks or Pepper Steak are your friend.

The Wagyu Starter Menu

Ready. Set. Go.

  • Flat Iron

    The most tender cut from the entire Wagyu cow, this is the ultimate Kosher Wagyu experience. 3 minutes on each and heaven!

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  • Petite Tender

    Lean, tender and flavorful our Fullblood Kosher Wagyu Petite Tender is a great starter for those looking for a Kosher Wagyu experience.

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  • Lifter Meat

    Also referred to as "Top of the Rib". This can be smoked or braised like a brisket or trimmed and grilled over indirect heat.

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  • Shoulder Steak

    This lean but tender cut is a great introduction into the world of Fullblood Kosher Wagyu. Often referred to as a London Broil by many kosher butchers. Even better next day for sandwiches!

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  • Chuck Eye Steak

    Wagyu Chuck Eye steaks are cut from the section closest to the Rib Roll. These steaks carry many of the same traits and flavors as a Ribeye but for a fraction of the price.

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  • Back Ribs

    Even wonder where the Ribs from your Boneless Ribeye's go? Look no further! Back Ribs are pulled of the rib section when cutting Ribeye Steaks and make for a quick and easy meal.

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