What type of Wagyu is for you?

  • Easy Grilling

    Our Denvers, Flat Irons, Ribeyes, Ribs, Chuck Eyes and Korean Style Ribs are perfect for you all out Wagyu Grilling experience.

  • Chain Smoker

    We carry 1st & 2nd cut along with whole Wagyu Briskets. Our Dino Ribs, Beef Belly, and Chuck Roasts also love to get smokey.

  • Dutch Life

    If you're looking to set it and forget it in your dutch oven, then our Wagyu Chuck Roasts, Short Ribs, or Chuck Tender are the move.

  • Ballin Out

    If going big is your game our Cowboy Steaks and Wagyu Tomhawaks are waiting for you. Don't forget to reverse sear em!

  • Lean Machine

    Our Petite Tender and Shoulder steaks represent two of the leaner Wagyu cuts. Don't worry though, you're getting that umami flavor.

  • Counting my Shekels

    Want a Kosher Wagyu experience at a lower price point? Our Chuck Eyes, Shoulder Steaks or Petite Tenders are your friend.

The Wagyu Starter Menu

Still not sure where to start but want to experience the flavor and tenderness of Fullblood Kosher Wagyu?

Our Kosher Wagyu can elevate any beef dish with additional flavor, tenderness, and health benefits. From steaks and roasts to ribs and briskets, we have over 25 different Wagyu cuts available. 

We recommend beginning your Wagyu journey with the following items:

  • Wagyu Flat Iron

    The most tender cut from the entire Wagyu cow, this is the ultimate Kosher Wagyu experience. 3 minutes on each and heaven! 

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  • Wagyu Petite Tender

    Lean, tender and flavorful our Fullblood Kosher Wagyu Petite Tender is a great starter for those looking for a Kosher Wagyu experience.

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  • Wagyu Lifter Meat

    Also referred to as "Top of the Rib" by kosher butchers. This can be smoked or braised like a first cut brisket or trimmed and grilled like a Flank Steak.

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  • Wagyu Shoulder Steak

    This lean but tender cut is a great introduction into the world of Fullblood Kosher Wagyu. Often referred to as a London Broil by many kosher butchers. Even better next day for sandwiches!

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  • Wagyu Chuck Eye

    Our Fullblood Kosher Wagyu Chuck Eye steaks are cut from the section closest to the Rib Roll. These steaks carry many of the same traits and flavors as a Ribeye but for a fraction of the price.

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  • Wagyu Back Ribs

    Even wonder where the Ribs from your Boneless Ribeye's go? Look no further! Back Ribs are pulled of the rib section when cutting Ribeye Steaks and make for a quick and easy meal.

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