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Chu's Meat Market is a specialty food retail shop located on Central Avenue in Lawrence, the heart of the Five Towns. Our premium meats, pantry items, and grilling accessories are curated to provide our customers with the perfect ingredients and tools for the ultimate kosher grilling session. 

Everything in Chu's is prepackaged and kosher certified. We carry products with hashgachas from around the US and the world, ranging from OU and Star-K to International Kosher Council and IRK Mehadrin.

Our Market is the undisputed Kosher Wagyu retail destination in the North East, carrying 100% Fullblood Kosher Wagyu from Holy Wagyu, certified Glatt Kosher by Star-K. Learn more here

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  • Real! Kosher! Wagyu!

    None of that cross-bred bologne. We carry 100% Fullblood Kosher American Wagyu. No traces of Angus whatsoever.

  • Authentic Hindcuts

    Filet Mignon, NY Strip Steaks, Picanha, Tri-tips, Flanks & More. Real steaks and roasts from the back half of our cows.

  • Premium Salts & Spices

    Browse our curated collection of the finest kosher rubs, salts & seasonings from around the world.

  • The Nectar of Olives

    We carry a variety of premium olive oils to compliment your Masterchef creations perfectly. Truffle, Lemon, Basil & more.

  • Japanese Style Cooking

    Eucalyptus charcoal to schichrin grills. You can now practice century-old cooking techniques in your home.

  • Cut & Board

    From Japanese blue carbon steel knives to personally engraved cutting boards, we got you covered.

Image depicts our delivery service that delivers Fullblood Kosher Wagyu to your door.

Wagyu to your door

We partnered with Roadie, A UPS Company, for same-day and next-day deliveries up to 350 miles from our 5 Towns location.

The delivery fee we are quoted from Roadie is added to your order as a passthrough.

Lakewood - Deal - Monsey - Manhattan - Great Neck - Catskills - Berkshires - Hamptons - Greenwich - Danbury & more.

Free insulated freezer bags with delivery order.

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