The Scoop on Chus

Chu's Meat Market, located in the heart of the Five Towns, specializes in premium kosher meats, pantry items, and grilling accessories to enhance your kosher grilling at home. Our prepackaged products are certified by trusted kashrut organizations like OU, Star-K, International Kosher Council, and IRK Mehadrin.

Visit us to discover the ultimate destination for all your kosher grilling needs.

What you'll find at Chus

  • Real! Kosher! Wagyu!

    Indulge in our premium selection of kosher American Wagyu, available in both fullblood and crossbred options.

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  • Back Half

    Experience kosher hindquarters including authentic filet mignon, New York strip steaks, and picanha

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  • Pantry Upgrade

    Elevate your cooking game with our collection of premium spices and salts. Perfect for grilling and everyday seasoning.

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  • The Nector of Olives

    Bring centuries-old cooking techniques to your kitchen with our Japanese-style grilling items like binchotan charcoal and shichirin grills.

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  • Japanese Tradition

    Bring centuries-old cooking into your home with binchotan charcoal and shichirin grills.

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  • Cut & Board & More

    Bamboo, teak, and olive wood, each providing a unique aesthetic. Ask us about custom engraving!

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Freshness guaranteed

Frozen Is Better

Freezing meat at peak freshness locks in flavor and nutrients, ensuring a consistently high-quality product. Plus, it allows for easier storage and longer shelf life.

Up to 350 Miles

Same-Day Delivery

Get your premium kosher meat delivered same-day with Roadie! We’re proud to partner with their trusted network of drivers for a reliable and speedy delivery experience.

Image depicts our delivery service that delivers Fullblood Kosher Wagyu to your door.